Ladakh Ecological Development Group


Total Budget: 
1,26,000 INR

Funding Agency:
Jullay Ladakh – Japan

In May 2007, LEDeG installed a solar community cooker at a nun retreat centre, in Skidmang, a village in Nyoma block of Leh district, situated at a distance of about 140Kms from Leh, Ladakh.

Prior to the installation of the community solar cooker, the cooking fuels had to be transported from Leh, which was a large investment. Also, the nuns collected biomass fuels (cow and sheep and goat dung) to cook as well as for room-heating. The traditional stoves emitted enormous amounts of harmful smoke, thus increasing the indoor air pollution, which affected their health.

A detailed technical survey including the duration of sun radiation, technical feasibility and site selection, for the installation of the Scheffler cooker, was carried out by our Appropriate Technology team in November 2006. Since it was very close to the fall of winter, construction could not begin in 2006.

Our AT team started the fabrication of the solar Scheffler cooker in our workshop at the Ribook Centre, Leh in the interim. The team began construction of the kitchen in April 2007. Finally, the solar community cooker was installed in May 2007. The solar cooker is now being used effectively.

Aims and Objectives:
To provide and install a community solar cooker so as to reduce the use of traditional chullahs that result in emission of harmful smokes.

Project Outcomes:
Installation of a solar Scheffler community cooker.