Ladakh Ecological Development Group

Project Location:
Rukruk, Zanskar

Funding agency:
BORDA, Germany

Total budget:

Year of installation:

LEDeG has been implementing decentralised water supply projects since 1994 and has introduced the water lifting technology called Hydraulic Ram Pump (Hydram). It is an automatic pumping device that utilises a small fall of water to lift a fraction of the supply flow to a much greater height. The main virtue of the Hydram is that its only moving parts are two valves, and it is therefore mechanically very simple. This gives it very high reliability, minimal maintenance requirements and a long operation life.

In the mountainous regions like Ladakh, the water for irrigation and drinking is mostly fed by glacier melt waters. In order to bring more land under cultivation or plantation, water is often transported either manually or through conventional energy sources like generator.

With the help of Hydram, farmers are now able to increase their vegetable and crops cultivation or tree plantations, thus ensuring supplementary income generations.


  • In Rukruk village in Zanskar, the Hydram provided an alternative water supply to the 40 households. The first Hydram (model 4”x2”) was installed in 2008 with community participation and funding from BORDA.
  • In 2010, a second Hydram was installed in the same village which supplies irrigation water to four families, mainly for tree plantations.