Ladakh Ecological Development Group

Bartoo village in Kargil district is situated in a narrow valley about 25km from Sankoo. There were 65 families living in the village. The village is not connected to the power grid. The road came very recently to the village and they were deprived of many basic needs services.

Funding Agencies: 

Project Partner:

Total Budget:
Rs.29.68 lacs



  • A feasibility study was carried out in 2008 by LEDeG with assistance from two Swiss engineering students. The feasibility study later resulted in the installation of a 25kW power plant with co-funding from Renewable Energy & Efficiency Promotion in International Corporation (REPIC) and Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association (BORDA) in the following year. The Micro Hydroelectric Power Unit is 28 metres long, set up at a distance of one kilometre from the village and provides electricity to 65 households.
  • The community contributed in both cash and kind, for example they were responsible for the construction of powerhouse, diversion channel, fore-bay tanks and anchor blocks. They also assisted in the installation of the turbine and the generator and in erecting the electric poles and transmission lines.
  • For efficient operation, two operators/technicians were selected from the village and they were provided with on-site trainings. An Electricity Management Committee (EMC) was formed in the village for its maintenance and management. Besides providing lighting to the houses, the MHPU also provides electricity for commercial purposes such as running the flour mill, community water heater and butter churners.

Project Outcomes:
Installation of a 25kW Micro Hydroelectric Power Unit in Bartoo village in Kargil, supplying electricity to 65 households.