Ladakh Ecological Development Group

Capacity building of the Renewable Energy Development Cooperative Society Ltd. (REDCO) for income generation activities and awareness generation for sustainable development of Durbuk block, Leh district, J&K

Durbuk, Leh

Funding Agency:
United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

2-year (2009-10)

Many of the remote and isolated villages in Ladakh are yet to be electrified. Due to its total isolation and distance, it is financially not viable to connect these villages to the power grid, owing to high transmission cost. Decentralised rural electrification is the most suitable and appropriate for such a village as it is technically and financially more feasible and is easier to install, maintain and operate.


  • The purpose of the project was to provide electricity to 4 rural villages in Leh and Kargil districts in Ladakh region with solar power plants with capacity ranging from 5kWp to 10kWp.
  • The plants supplies electricity to all the households in the villages
  • The surplus power is used for running electrical appliances to promote income generating activities

Concrete outcomes
Solar Power Plants were installed at Maan (8.64kWp) and Shayok (9.18kWp) in Leh district and Juldo (10.08kWp) and Tashi Stongday (10.08kWp) in Kargil district.